See final 5on5 stats below. Congratulations to all the players who were

able to attend all 10 games.  Congratulations to Mark Deveaux for finishing first in a tight

race for the scoring leader.


MONDAY May 15th - 4PLEX

8:30 OIL 2 vs BUL 4



8:30 BUL 5 vs DAN 4


MONDAY May 22nd - 4PLEX

8:30 OIL 5 vs DAN 4



8:30 OIL 6 vs BUL 0


MONDAY May 29th - 4PLEX

8:30 BUL 6 vs DAN 4



8:30 OIL 4 vs DAN 2



8:30 OIL 4 vs BUL 2


Thursday JUNE 8th - KAY

8:30 BUL 8 vs DAN 5



8:30 OIL 6 vs DAN 3


Thursday JUNE 15th - KAY

8:30 OIL 7 vs BUL 3



6:15 BUL 5 vs DAN 3

7:15 OIL 8 vs DAN 2


thursday JUne 22nd - KAY

8:15 OIL 2 vs BUL 4

tuesday JUne 27th - 4PLEX

9:00 BUL 5 vs DAN 4


Thursday JUNE 29th - 4PLEX

8:30 OIL 7 vs DAN 3



8:30 BUL 7 vs DAN 6 (OT)



8:30 BUL 7 vs DAN 1



8:30 OIL vs BUL



8:15 OIL vs BUL











1- Oilers 08-02-00-16 PTS / 51 GF / 27 GA / +24


2- BULLS 07-03-00-14 PTS / 42 GF / 41 GA / +1


3- Dangolian Army 00-10-00-00 PTS / 34 GF / 59 GA / -25






#26 Mark Deveaux 10-14-13-27


#21 jason baiani 09-08-17-25 PIM 4:00


#16 luc williams 07-12-10-22  PIM 2:00


#26 branden andersen 10-09-08-17


#9 Alex arsenault 07-09-05-14  PIM 2:00





#21 jason baiani 09-08-17-25 PIM 4:00


#16 luc williams 07-12-10-22  PIM 2:00


#9 Alex arsenault 07-09-05-14  PIM 2:00


#26 MARCEL BOURQUE 06-03-07-10


#19 jay chiasson 10-03-06-09


#9 antonen savoie 08-02-06-08  PIM 12:00


#28 miguel ouellette 08-02-04-06  PIM 2:00


#8 adam vautour 10-05-01-06


#55 kevin rice 07-02-03-05 PIM 2:00


#18 Guillaume Laraque 08-00-05-05


#22 jason vautour 09-01-03-04 PIM 2:00


#2 John Steeves 10-00-04-04  PIM 4:00


#4 andrew soucy 09-02-01-03


#2 JEFF CORMIER 02-01-02-03 PIM 12:00


#3 matt carroll 07-00-02-02 PIM 2:00


#44 richard kwlatkowski 07-01-01-02


#7 matt wiseman 06-00-00-00



#40 (G) jon richard 06-02-00


#00 (G) mario babineau 02-00-00






#26 Mark Deveaux 10-14-13-27


#5 Ryan Mockler 06-07-04-11 PIM 4:00


#12 Alex simpson 09-03-08-11 PIM 10:00


#61 Jeremy Nash 09-04-06-10 PIM 4:00


#22 Daniel Leblanc 09-00-09-09


#88 Mike McCarron 10-05-03-08 PIM 6:00


#7 Phil Tardif 10-04-04-08 PIM 4:00


#2 Wes Taylor 08-02-03-05 PIM 2:00


#16 Kurtis White 07-00-04-04 PIM 4:00


#10 Peter Hammond 07-01-02-03 PIM 6:00


#20 Austin Taylor 06-01-02-03


#13 dave melanson 05-00-03-03


#9 Nick Smith 04-00-02-02 PIM 4:00


#91 ryan Horsman 05-01-00-01 PIM 2:00


#8 serge nadeau 02-00-01-01


#8 Kristin Cooze 05-00-00-00


#79 zach tessier 02-00-00-00



#00 (G) Mario Babineau 06-03-00 PIM 4:00




#26 branden andersen 10-09-08-17


#17 cody macleod 07-05-06-11 PIM 6:00


#15 Aubrey burt 08-03-08-11 PIM 52:00


#10 justin rice 10-03-07-10 PIM 2:00


#18 jason gaudet 10-01-06-07


#9 Nathan andersen 05-00-06-06 PIM 4:00


#22 mike atkinson 07-03-01-04 PIM 4:00


#16 greg donnely 08-01-03-04 PIM 2:00


#19 andrew vanbuskirk 04-02-01-03 PIM 19:00


#16 Justin cormier 04-02-00-02 PIM 2:00


#18 nick melanson 01-01-01-02


#7 mathieu cormier 09-01-00-01


#12 brett lewis 04-01-00-01


#Y DJ Bulmer 03-01-00-01 PIM 5:00


#00 sean wortman 05-00-01-01 PIM 2:00


#5 ryan meunier 09-00-01-01 PIM 4:00


#6 denis melanson 03-00-00-00


#Z Billy Bulmer 03-00-00-00


#29 shawn richard 02-00-00-00


#22 justin collette 04-00-00-00



#1 (G) Denis doiron 00-07-00


#X (G) max fougere 00-01-00


#X (G) shawn willen 00-01-00


#X (G) Tyler Hawkins 00-01-00




JUNE 4th

6:15  Wol 17 @ REN 8

7:15  STP 11 @ TAN 15


JUNE 11th

6:15  STP 12 @ REN 13 (SO)

7:15 Wol 8 @ TAN 9

JUNE 18th

7:15  REN 5 @ TAN 25

8:15  Wol 12 @ STP 11 (SO)


JUNE 25th

6:15  STP 3 @ TAN 17

7:15  Wol 18 @ REN 11


JUly 2nd



JUly 9th

6:15  REN @ TAN

7:15  Wol @ STP



JUly 16th

6:15  STP @ TAN

7:15  Wol @ REN


JUly 23rd

6:15  REN @ TAN

7:15  Wol @ STP


JULY 30th

6:15 STP @ REN

7:15  Wol @ TAN



AUGust 6th

6:15  STP @ REN

7:15  Wol @ TAN



AUGust 13th

6:15  playoffs

7:15  playoffs



AUGust 20th

6:15  playoffs

7:15  playoffs




TANBROS  4-0-0-08 PTS / 66 GF / 27 GA / +39 / pp 0 for 0


Wolverines 3-1-0-06 PTS / 56 GF / 37 GA / +19 / pp 1 for 2


RENEGADES 1-3-0-02 PTS / 37 GF / 72 GA / -35 / pp 0 for 0


ST PATS 0-2-2-02 PTS / 37 GF / 57 GA / -20 / pp 0 for 0





aubrey burt 04-31-15-46    PIM-00:00


Branden Andersen 04-17-28-45    PIM-00:


Jason Gaudet 04-14-17-31    PIM-00:00


justin rice 04-09-17-26    PIM-00:00


sean wortman 04-17-06-23  PIM-00:00


kimmy savoie 04-14-10-24    PIM-00:00



Jason Gaudet 04-14-17-31    PIM-00:00


kimmy savoie 04-14-10-24    PIM-00:00


joel leaman 04-07-12-19   PIM-00:00


mathieu shorty 03-09-06-15    PIM-00:00


jacques bourque 03-04-10-14    PIM-00:00


wes taylor 03-06-07-13    PIM-00:00



(G) Jon Richard 01-01-00    PIM-00:00






sean wortman 04-17-06-23  PIM-00:00


curtis leet 02-05-08-13    PIM-00:00


Mike Atkinson 03-05-06-11    PIM-01:00


shawn richard 03-03-08-11    PIM-00:00


brody paquette 03-03-03-06    PIM-00:00


riley leblanc 04-03-03-06    PIM-00:00



(G) sheldon dyke 01-01-00    PIM-00:00




justin rice 04-09-17-26    PIM-00:00


dj bulmer 04-08-07-15    PIM-00:00


julien dumas 03-09-05-14    PIM-00:00


joel kancir 04-05-05-10    PIM-00:00


billy bulmer 04-04-04-08    PIM-00:00


matt mercure 03-02-01-03    PIM-00:00



(G) jacob chesser  00-00-02    PIM-00:00




aubrey burt 04-31-15-46    PIM-00:00


Branden Andersen 04-17-28-45    PIM-00:00


jacques collin 04-04-17-21    PIM-00:00


luc richard 04-03-18-21    PIM-00:00


jarrett hall 04-09-06-15     PIM-00:00


sam cormier 03-02-06-08    PIM-01:00



(G) tyler hawkins 03-00-00    PIM-00:00



Winter 2016

Section 1 - Playing Area

1.1 - Rink - all games will be played at the Moncton Boys & Girls Club, located at 15 Everett St. unless otherwise noted.


1.2 - Facility - games are played on a less-than-regulation sized gym floor with lines drawn for various sports. Basketball nets are mounted to the walls at either end and two (2) on each side. There are man doors located on all four (4) walls; two (2) sets of double doors on the south wall of the south-east corner, one (1) on the west wall of the south-west corner, one (1) on the west wall of the north-west corner, two (2) in an ingress in the centre of the north wall, one (1) on the north wall of the north-east corner, and two (2) about two-thirds of the way down the east wall. The ceiling is unprotected rafters. The east wall features four (4) safety glass windows. All walls are made of brick.


1.3 - Benches - player benches consist of classroom style chairs placed against the east walls in opposite corners. All spare sticks, water bottles, clothing, various equipment, and all other paraphernalia are to be kept tucked under or between the chairs so as not to interfere with gameplay.


1.4 - Penalty boxes - penalty boxes will simply be a part of the bench due to limited space and equipment at our disposal.

Section 2 - Signal and Timing Devices


2.1 - Both referees will be equipped with a whistle.


2.2 - There will be (when available) one (1) timekeeper designated to each game (referees will substitute when necessary). They will be equipped with a whistle of their own (only to be used to signal the end of a period) and two (2) stop watches. One stop watch will be used as a game clock, the other as a penalty timer. The scorekeeper will also have a clipboard with score sheets attached in order to track the score of the game, as well as any goals, assists, and penalties accumulated by individual players.


Section 3 - Teams


3.1 - Eligible players - a team shall be composed of seven (7) players (6 players and a goalkeeper. At the beginning of each game, the scorekeeper will write down the names of all players present from each team, as well as the starting goaltender. Players may be added to the list as they arrive, regardless of how much time has passed in the game.


3.2 - Ineligible players - only players on the confirmed rosters may participate in the game. No substitute players are permitted on a game-by-game basis. Players who are injured or move away from the city are eligible for full-time replacement (subject to a vote by the general managers of all the teams). All other teams looking to have a player replaced for any other reason must present their case as to why it should be allowed, and a vote will be taken amongst the GMs. All replacement players must be submitted for approval no later than 11:59 pm on the Friday prior to the game in which they wish to participate. Once the proposal has been submitted, the committee and GMs have 24-hours to reach a decision, at which point one will be made based on whoever has cast a vote at that time. Once a player has been replaced, he may not return to play for the remainder of the season, including playoffs.


3.3 - Goalkeeper - each team shall be allowed one goalkeeper on the floor at one time. The goalkeeper may be replaced by any other player on the team if he has to leave the game for any reason. All goaltender substitutions must be approved by the league committee on a game-by-game basis.


3.4 - Captains and Alternate Captains - For all intents and purposes, any team's GM will also act as team captain. They may appoint one (1) assistant captain per game, who will act as captain should the usual captain be unavailable for any reason. Only the captain and alternate may interact with the referees relating to the interpretation of rules. Any other player attempting to talk to the referees about a call will be sent to their bench; should they ignore the referee they will be assessed a minor penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct.


3.5 - Injured Players - If a player is injured at any point during the game and it causes a stoppage in play, they must leave the playing surface until after the resulting face-off. After that point they may re-enter play at any time. It is up to the discretion of the referees as to whether or not (or at what point) they decide to blow the play dead due to an injury.


3.6 - Blood - a player who is bleeding must vacate the playing surface immediately and may not return until the flow of blood has been stopped.

Section 4 - Equipment


4.1 - Team Uniforms - all players of each team should be dressed in matching (or close to matching) coloured shirts. Referees can tell any player whose uniform has been deemed to clash with the opposition's colours to change their shirt prior to them stepping onto the floor.


4.2 - Protective Equipment - players may wear whatever protective equipment they deem necessary from either ball hockey or ice hockey, with the exception of skates. No protective gear is required, so it is players' discretion.


4.3 - Helmets - players are permitted to wear helmets, but may not have hardware attached for visors unless a visor is worn.


4.4 - Dangerous Equipment - any equipment deemed unsafe by officials must be removed immediately upon request. Any player that continues to wear the unsafe equipment after being told to remove it will be given a minor penalty. The same rule will apply to sticks. Teams may request that a player's stick be examined for safety qualifications at any point during the game.


4.5 - Sticks - players may not play with broken sticks. They may carry a broken stick but may not attempt to make a play while holding it. They must proceed directly to the bench or drop the stick if they wish to remain a part of the play. Players may tape their sticks with white hockey tape only if they choose.


4.6 - Balls - the ball shall be any orange gel ball hockey ball deemed game-worthy by league officials. Teams must supply their own warm-up balls.


4.7 - Adjustment to Clothing or Equipment - play shall not be stopped due to adjustment of clothing or equipment by a player or goalkeeper. All adjustments must be done either during a stoppage of play, between periods, or on the bench. Should a player make an adjustment during play or just prior to the drop of the ball, the play will be allowed to continue to avoid unnecessary delays. The only exception to this rule will be for goaltenders to wipe sweat out of their eyes or to fix a loose strap on their equipment (subject to approval of officials). Any player suspected of using their equipment adjusting as a tactic to kill time may be assessed a minor penalty.


Section 5 - Penalties


5.1 - Calling of penalties - all penalties will be called in a delayed manor (whistle will only be blown once the offending team has control of the ball). Should the team being assessed the penalty concede a goal prior to gaining control of the ball, the goal shall count and the penalty will be negated (unless it is a double-minor or major penalty).


5.2 - Minor penalties - minor penalties (including tripping, hooking, slashing, holding, cross-checking, high sticking, slew-footing, delay of game, unsportsmanlike conduct, too many men on the floor, roughing, bench minors and body contact) will result in a one (1) minute penalty.


5.3 - Double-minor penalties - double-minor penalties (any two (2) minor penalties combined) will result in a two (2) minute penalty.


5.4 - Major penalties - major penalties (including charging, a hit to the head, fighting, a high stick resulting in blood, a hit from behind, spearing, butt-ending, kicking, elbowing, kneeing, or any other attempt to injure another player) will result in a three (3) minute penalty and a game misconduct. Any major penalty occurring in the last five (5) minutes of any game will result in an additional one (1) game suspension.


5.5 - Game Misconducts, Match Penalties & Suspensions - any player receiving any of these things is subject to supplementary discipline by the league committee, ultimately decided upon by the league president.


5.6 - Penalty Shots - a penalty shot shall be awarded whenever a player has been deemed on a breakaway and either tripped, hooked, held, or knocked down in any way; a penalty shot will also be awarded to the opposing team of any player other than the goaltender who covers the ball with his hand in the crease area (crease area subject to referee discretion), or if the goaltender throws his stick at the ball during play. The ball will be considered dead and a face-off will occur at centre floor after the penalty shot has been taken. Any player ruled to have stopped their forward momentum during a penalty shot will have their shot halted by a whistle. A crease-cover penalty shot may be taken by any player on the floor.


5.7 - The penalty clock will not start until the ball has been dropped to resume play at centre.


Section 6 - Disallowed Goals


6.1 - Disallowed goals - goals will be disallowed based on the following reasons: ball was kicked in, gloved in, head-butted in, knocked in with a high stick, put in by a slap shot, put in after a whistle or during a referee's attempt to blow their whistle, or if the net is ruled too far off the goal line (it may still count if the defending team is ruled to have knocked it off and will definitely count if it is ruled they did so on purpose to prevent a sure goal). Any ball that goes into the net off of an official or off of the ceiling or a basketball net will also be disallowed, as will any goal deemed to have gone in after the whistle to end a period.


Section 7 - Referees


7.1 - Attire - All referees must wear a neutral coloured shirt..


7.2 - Disputes - The referees have full control of the game and their decision is final in the case of any dispute.


7.3 - Review of Plays - referees may consult with each other of their own volition or by player request if there is a dispute about a goal call, ball possession, face-off location, or protest of player equipment or eligibility. Penalties are non-reviewable. If a referee makes a call, it is final, regardless of whether or not the other official agrees with the call or blew the play dead for another reason.


7.4 - Verbal Abuse of Officials - Any verbal abuse of an official will result in a minor penalty or a ten-minute misconduct, depending on the severity of the situation. After a minor penalty or ten-minute misconduct has been called, the referee may eject the player from the game if they continue to verbally abuse the official.


7.5 - Physical Abuse of Officials - Any physical abuse of an official will result in a match penalty and supplemental discipline, up to and including a lifetime ban from the league, as well as criminal charges if warranted.


Section 8 - Penalties & Other Fouls


8.1 - All penalties will be called in accordance with the NHL rules and regulations, with a few exceptions.


8.2 - Special Rules - the following are rules specific to this league:


8.2a - High sticking on the ball will be blown dead immediately and possession will be awarded to the non-offending team in one of the two offensive corners.


8.2b - Any penalty resulting in blood will result in a major penalty and a game ejection.


8.2c - Any player who steps on the ball and refuses to play it after being warned by an official will be assessed a delay of game minor penalty.


8.2d - Any player who, after already having been warned, intentionally plays the ball in behind a net will be assessed a minor penalty for delay of game.


8.2e - Any player who accumulates three (3) minor penalties or one (1) major penalty in one game will be ejected.


8.2f - Any player who throws his stick or uses it to slash gym equipment (including chairs, windows, and nets) will be assessed a minor penalty (possibly after a warning if the referee thinks one is warranted).


Section 9 - Game Timing & Flow

9.1 - Game Time - Games will consist of three (3) 15-minute run-time periods. Play only reverts to stop time in the final two (2) minutes of the third period in a game with a score within two (2) goals.


9.2 - Stoppage of the Clock - The clock may be stopped at the referees discretion for intentional and persistent delay of game, player or referee injury, breakage of any part of the facility, or at the end of the first three (3) minutes of sudden death overtime.


9.3 - Overtime - Overtime will consist of a three (3) minute 3-on-3 session, followed by a two (2) minute two-on-two session if a goal has still yet to be scored. Should the game remain tied after the full five (5) minutes the game will go to a shootout.


9.4 - Shootouts - Shootouts will be best-of-3 shooters per side, just like the NHL. If the score remains tied after those shooters, it will revert to sudden death with every player on each roster needing to shoot before anyone can shoot for a second time.


9.5 - Stoppage of Play - the referees may blow the play dead for any of the following reasons: goal scored, net ajar, ball frozen, ball off ceiling or end backboard, ball changing direction off side backboard, ball stopped behind net, ball out of play, door ajar, penalty, or injury.


9.6 - Timeouts - Teams get one (1) timeout per game. A team may call a 30-second timeout during any stoppage in play. After the timeout has been completed, the ball will be played or dropped from wherever it would have been at the time the timeout was called.


9.7 - Doors Ajar - Should a door be knocked open near the play the whistle will be blown and the play will be stopped. Possession will be awarded to whomever had control of the ball when the door was opened.


9.8 - Ball in Bench - If the ball rolls under the chairs that constitute either bench, the first player there will be given ample time to retrieve it. If the ball comes to rest, the referee may blow the play dead and will award possession to the player arriving at the bench first.


9.9 - Ball Behind Net - If the ball goes behind the net and is moving and still playable, play will be allowed to continue. If it rests on the back, the top, or the side of the net or ceases to move, the play will be stopped and possession will be awarded to the defensive team.


9.10 - Ball off Backboard - If the ball hits either of the backboards above the nets, play will be stopped immediately and possession will be awarded to the defensive team.

9.11- Ball off Ceiling - If the ball hits the ceiling, a face-off will occur at centre.


9.12 - Ball Changes Direction off Side Backboard - If the ball deflects off of a backboard on either side of the gym and drastically changes speed or direction, play will be stopped and a face-off will occur at centre.


9.13 - Net Off Goal Line - The referees have full discretion whether or not they wish to halt play when they see that a net has become dislodged. If it is only slightly off they may either fix it themselves or get the goalkeeper to straighten it. If it is off by a lot and the play is either near that net or heading towards it, the referee shall blow the play dead. Possession of the ball will be awarded to whichever team was deemed NOT to have been the main contributing factor to the net becoming dislodged.


Section 10 - Trades


10.1 - Approval - All trades are subject to approval by the league president.


10.2 - Eligible Trades - Trades may be completed freely between any two (2) or more teams as long as the same amount of players and goaltenders are exchanged between them.


10.3 - Trade Deadline - Trade Deadline will be the Friday night after week 7 and prior to week 8. As of opening night, that would be 11:59 pm on Friday, January 20th, 2017.


10.4 - Other Trade Stipulations


10.4a - Draft picks may not be exchanged.


10.4b - Trades may be done between 10 pm Sunday night and 11:59 pm Friday night. Saturday and Sunday up until the end of the games and a half hour beyond are a no-draft time.


10.4c - Replacement players will not be eligible after the trade deadline.


Section 11 - Standings and Tie-Breaking Procedures


11.1 - Standings will be based upon points earned by teams in their games (2 points for a win, 1 point for an overtime or shootout loss, and 0 points for a regulation loss).


11.2 - The next factors - in order - in determining the higher seed will be: regulation and overtime losses, record between the tied teams, overall +/-, +/- between tied teams, goals for/goals against formula, penalty minutes, coin flip.


Section 12 - Playoffs


12.1 - Burbine Cup - The teams seeded 1st and 4th and the teams seeded 2nd and 3rd will play off in single-game knockout fashion, with the winners advancing to a winner-take-all final and the losers being done for the season.


12.2 - Miguel Cup - The teams seeded 5th and 6th will play a single game final.


12.3 - Playoff format is subject to change, based on availability of the floor and other suggestions for formats. Format cannot be changed more than one week prior to the beginning of the playoffs.